W E L C O M E . O N . M Y . B L O G !

Hello everybody,
It has been a very long time I was waiting to find the time to create such a web media, and this time has finally come!
I'm sincerely glad to welcome you on my design blog, and I hope you will discover interesting material and maybe we will have opportunities to talk about design right there. Wadezign's area will be specially dedicated to my recent past and my upcoming works, but oldies but goodies will be viewable on WALDEZIGN' S ATTIC, and I also will focus on my ESPACE Sbarro year on WALDEZIGN' S ESPACE.
I hope you will also appreciate these two other sites!
Good surf!


B M W . M Z E R O

Another view of the Mzero


B M W . M Z E R O

Mzero variations

B M W . M Z E R O

A yellow car, not so common in my collection, specially for a bavarian one! But I wanted to express a kind of freshness, remind a springtime flower or something like that.
Quickly: BMW, M for emission, zero for zero emission, and 0-series (little sister of 1-series).
Frame based on next Mini's, and so on...


C H I C A G O . M O T O R S

The results of the LM chicago Motors have been published, and they are very bad for my too friendly Bulldog 2016!

Ranked 30 this time, I am not sure to enter next time cos' my way to design does not seem to fit LM voters' expectations... at least!

I will comment the top ten in the next post.


B U L L D O G 2 0 1 6

Hello every body, I am still alive! You can already discover my new design on Local Motors, and vote for the best projects, bye!


L O C A L . M O T O R S . B I G . Z

(2008): Hello, we have the results for the just completed LM competition.

What a pity, my "so cute" Big Z ends at the 6th rank! It is not a so bad place for a simple remake of the VW combi/bulli, is it?

Of course, I'm kidding you, this was a clearly complete new concept, but, as I said in the comments, it is maybe easier to finish in the top three with an agressive formula-one-like roadster than with a more realistic van proposal, probably less self-valuable but pretty more useable for the end-user (aka surfer). Therefore, I think the 6th rank is a very good result!

Next time (Boston Competition, I will kill everybody with a foolish urban roadster with attaché-cases making the side doors! (Hey, let it be, it's a joke!!)

You can discover the top 8 here:
1/ iBite / average 3.976 / my vote: 2 (well, good work but...)
2/ Huaka / average 3.753 / my vote: 3 (not that bad, it worths it!)
3/ Unoh / average 3.706 / my vote: 2 (a little bit advertised by LM on the blogs... but why not?)
4/ Ikaika ka'a /average 3.658 / my vote: 3 (Also alb advertised, but clearly better than the top 3s)
5/ Koa Warrior / average 3.469 / my vote: 2 (also alb advertised; I have a feeling of déjà-vu with this one)
6/ Big Z / average 3.432 / my vote: 4 (probably the best - JOKE!)
7/ Ikaika / average 3.369 / my vote: 5/I want it (this is really the best, in my opinion!)
8/ Mohala / average 3.332 / my vote: 2 (also alb advertised, the concept was better than the styling)

Congratulations for the winners, and see you for the next one!


L O C A L . M O T O R S . B I G . Z

(2008): LM new competition is now focused toward Hawaii. this my proposal to fit to more perfectly to the Hawaiian way of life, surf, mountain, sun...

If you like it, you can vote on the LM website

L O C A L . M O T O R S . P O P

(2008): Do you Know Local Motors? It is a very interesting website and enteprise which motto is collaborative Design! A competrition is regularly organized and this project POP was design for the Manhattan Motors one. I was ranked #14 with this simple but efficient design, echoing the City silhouet and trying to unstress the inhabitants of this so peopled town with the smooth main lines of the concept.


I N O V A . 0 6 . F O R . L A N D . R O V E R

A simple transposition of our PO concept for LR design.

Une simple transposition de notre concept PO pour LR design.


I N O V A . 0 6

(2006): Just one teaser for the moment, but I will post ASAP the complete story of iNOVA project, a Plastic Omnium rear-end-module innovative concept. Here are the final rendering (before modelling the first prototype (mk I) of the project) and then the final video of the project (mk II, aka IAA'07 version).

N O . N A M E

(2008) Just a little car to make a kind of blend between freshly introduced Tata Nano and Apple's simplicity values. In fact, this apparently inoffensive car hides a certain innovative potential, but this is another story...



(2007): Back from very nice holidays with this cute innovative truck project shared between Plastic Omnium and V3P (Volvo-Renault Trucks). The objective was to illustrate new concepts for a pedestrian friendly urban truck, therefore also with a friendly design. We have explored many ways to achieved the final sofTruk.


V O I S I N . C X X

(2008): Starting the CAD! Of course, it's not perfect, but it's a good beginning, isn't it?

(2008) Début des nums! Bien-sûr, ce n'est pas encore parfait, mais c'est un bon début, non?

V O I S I N . C X X

(2008): Yeah, I like it!

(2008): Je l'aime bien celui-là!


V O I S I N . C X X

(2008): Rear view of my Avions-Voisin Cxx AEROFLAT which will finish to be more and more concrete (will it really be concrete one day?). I have tried to input some arty features (vertical lines) and to render less "scientifically" and more intuitively.
I think I have much room for improvement, but it's a beginning, isn't it?

Sorry, but I could not resist to publish 3 bright colors, and 2 more classical (champagne and chocolate). Guess the one I prefer!

(2008): Vue arrière de mon Avions-Voisin Cxx AEROFLAT qui finira bien par devenir de plus en plus concrète, à force! (le sera-t-elle REELLEMENT un jour?). J'ai essayé d'apporter une petite touche artistique (lignes verticales) pour un rendu moins "scientifique" et donc plus intuitif.
Je pense que j'ai une grande marge de progression dans ce domaine...

Désolé, mais je n'ai pas pu résister à poster 3 couleurs vives et 2 plus classiques (ça fait moins 14 juillet aussi). Devinez ma préférée!

V O I S I N . C X X

(2008) The motivation has finally come to me: I will probably post a little serie of Avions-Voisin sketches in the upcoming weeks. Here is the first! Of course, my old friends Jean-Loulou and Gregus, and young padawan Aurel are also firmly invited to sketch new material (or even other guests!)
It's hugely possible that this design finishes with CG renderings...

(2008) La motivation a fini par me revenir: je vais probablement poster une petite série d'Avions-Voisin dans les semaines à venir. Voici le premier! Bien-sûr, mes vieux amis Jean-Loulou et Grégus, ainsi que mon jeune padawan Aurel sont également invité à griffonner quelque chose (et tout autre invité, au cas où...)
C'est hautement probable que ce design finisse en 3D...


R E N A U L T . M O D U S 2

(2007/2008): You don't like the ugly Modus, me also. Maybe you will appreciate this one a little bit more, won't you?

(2007/2008): Vous n'aimez pas la laide Modus, moi non plus. Peut-être préférerez vous celle-ci?


V A I L L A N T E . B E R L I N E T T E

(2008) My new challenge up to come: A little Vaillante Berlinette (Jean Graton's readers will understand).
Up: I've just begun my rendering: areas are defined, sketch is cleaned, we are ready to fight!
Up: Today, I ve managed to find some time to begun the dark and light areas rendering
Up: This concept is in stand-by: I'm focusing on the CXX nowadays!

(2008) Mon nouveau défi à venir: Une petite Berlinette Vaillante (les lecteurs de Jean Graton comprendront)
MAJ: Je viens de commencer le rendu: les zones sont définies, le croquis a été nettoyé, nous sommes prêts à en découdre!
MAJ: Aujourd'hui, j'ai réussi à trouver un peu de temps pour m'occuper des zones claires/obscures
MAJ: Ce concept est un peu en stand-by: je me concentre sur la CXX en ce moment!


P O R S C H E . 9 9 9

(2008) Coming soon on your screens: The front view of the Porsche 999.
The sketch is not that good, so I will slightly modify it with Photoshop.

(2008) Bientôt sur vos écrans: La vue avant de la Porsche 999 du Tuto. Come le croquis n'est pas terrible, je vais légèrement le reprendre sur Photoshop.